Artist N.Weithaler. Abstract and modern painting. Paintings and sculptures of contemporary art. Visual arts, visual media and art photography.

Collection of artworks by the artist N.Weithaler. Landscape Painting, Nude Painting, Modern Art, Art Sculpture, Contemporary Art, Mask Painting, Portraiture, Still Life, Abstract Images.

Artist Supplies Online Shop. Material for artists and painters. Colors and accessories. Easels, paint sets, palettes, paint spatulas, watercolors, watercolor blocks and colored pencils. 

Gallery9. Online art gallery for modern art. Artworks by artists and painters of contemporary art. Abstract painting and art paintings. New works by famous artists will be presented in the gallery. Sculptures and art objects of a special kind. Visual arts and visual media. Rarities and rarities for art lovers and art collectors.

Interesting art videos on Youtube from ArtCurator. Contemporary artworks of modern artists. Abstract and modern painting videos.

ARTxxART online magazine. Close-ups and details of modern artwork. Contemporary art and abstract painting. Pictures and paintings, painting technique and coloring. Art photography redefined. Sculptures in detail.

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