Imprint & Copyright
Original Unique Art


1. The created works of art from the artist N. Weithaler (by the alias "Snorre") are protected by copyright worldwide. The unrestricted right of use and copyright remains with the artist.
2. The acquisition of a work (original or copy) contains the Copyright and related rights for the buyer (transferee) to use the artwork for personal purpose only.
3. Publications of the works are permitted provided that the nominated entries, fee and supporting documents.
4. The right of commercial use remains solely with the artist, and is only passed through Lizensen and / or written authorization to a third party. The same applies if a copyrighted work of art is passed on to third parties for editorial purposes and / or for promotional purposes. The customer is not entitled to make the works themselves or by third parties to reproduce or distribute.
5. For subjects for commissioned works, the buyer / purchaser is responsible for copyright and privacy rights are not violated. Should be specified by the customer breached by the motif copyright or personal rights, the customer assumes all legal and financial consequences and is the artist of any liability.
6. The artist has the right to make copies for purchased works (images of all kinds, showing people) to use for their own purposes.
7. Copyright Legislation: International "Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Art", Germany " 13 German Copyright Act," Italy "Legge 633/1941".